5th International Caparica Christmas Conference on Sample Treatment 2021

15th – 18th November 2021 | Caparica | Portugal

4th ST2021 – 2nd Autumn BIOSCOPE PROTEOMASS Course: Introduction to Sample Treatment for Biomedical and Environmental Analysis and CV Evolution

Days: 12th-14th November 2021
Participants: Young researchers and students interested in Sample Preparation in Biomedical and Environmental Analysis. The CV Evolution
Aim: Sample preparation in chemical, biochemical and environmental analysis is always a critical issue. Good Preparation is the most crucial step in almost all analytical techniques. Organic, Inorganic, and biological samples are different and often, different methodologies must be applied. Before the analysis, using instrumental methods, dissolution, extraction, alkylation, pulverisation, filtering, dilution, sub-sampling, or chelation with organic agents are mandatory to success. We will introduce the application of different spectroscopic, spectrophotometric and electrochemical techniques in environmental analysis and the mass spectrometry techniques for biological and biomedical applications. Several point case studies will be presented and discussed. Couching lessons in CV preparation, Basic concepts in Chemistry and Analysis, Future employments.
Local: Hotel ALDEIA dos CAPUCHOS Golf & SPA – Costa de Caparica (Portugal)
Participant List:
Margarida Monteiro Madeira Nunes
Leonor Luis Flores
Maria Vaz
Leonor Miguéns Rijo Macedo Alves
Filipa Feijão Baptista
Ines Frija Alexandre
Eduardo Filipe Nepomuceno Galaricha
Gonçalo Filipe Carro Pedro
Frederico Duarte
Pedro Daniel Nunes dos Santos Rosario da Costa
Jose Miguel Alves Taklim Ferreira
Igor Lourenço
Filipa Pereira
Carolina Fernandes de Oliveira Fresco
Sara Tome
Marta Dias
Ines Abreu
Beatriz Faria
Alexandre Martins
Fabio Marques
Ruben Repolho
Ana Fernandes
Catarina Batista
Laura Valente
Maria Matilde Andrade, 60469
Carolina Abreu
Ana Rita Henriques
Margarida Silva
Diana Barros
Joana Durão
Catarina André.
Luisa Klut
Joana Gomes
Tiago Catalao
Gonçalo Moura
Diogo Monteiro
Rui Pedro Silva
Gonçalo Fernandes
Alexandre Canhoto
Catarina Fonseca
Rita Ferreira
Dalila Pedro
Inês Lopes
Mafalda Fernandes
Ana Rita Moscão
Rita Ferreira
Catarina Correia
Dânia Isabel Sanches Veiga
Catarina Ferro
Ana Rita Conceição Lourenço
Ana Priscila Ramos